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This site is dedicated to the horse sculptures I create in effort to reflect my love of the real horses God has created. I grew up riding and showing a purebred arabian gelding named MM Echo Bey affectionately known as "Hudson". He is a grandson of the great Khemosabi++++. Most of the sculptures I create are arabians because I am especially inspired by that breed.

Here you will find limited edition original sculptures available in multiple mediums including Bronze, Fine Bone China, and Resin. When a sculpture is available in multiple mediums, the master sculpture for each medium is uniquely altered to separate it from the other designs.  Please take a moment to browse the galleries of previous commissions and limited edition sculptures.  I focus on creating extremely realistic sculptures with correct conformation while still portraying the emotion and personality of an individual animal at a moment in time.


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Please send your commission inquiries to tabatha@twinoakarabians.com 

God Bless!

Tabatha Pack



Model Spotlight!

Sculpture:  Elnathan V2 "Gift of God"
Sculpted by:  Tabatha Pack

Painted by: Myla Pearce

Arabian stallion in traditional scale produced as a second version of the original Elnathan sculpture.  This version has altered mane, tail, shoulder and chest muscling, pinned back ears, and overall wrinkling/detailing.  This sculpt screams attitude!  Myla Peirce has softly air-brushed and hand detailed him to a stunning Pintabian with tobiano markings.  Finished painted sculpture was sold directly through Myla on her yahoo email group.